EXHIBITION DATES AND TIMES -  (students ages up to 19yrs) 

At the end of every term we hold an exhibition over several days at Inspire - showcasing the fabulous achievements of every student. Parents, siblings  grandparents etc are welcome to come and view the awesome paintings that have been created, and the efforts of their fellow class mates. 

The exhibition for the Inspire students (ages up to 19yrs) is held at the end of Week 9 and is open on the following days and times-

Term 2 2022

Sunday 3rd July -  3.30pm - 7.00pm 
Monday 4th July -  3.30pm - 7.00pm
Tuesday 5th July - 1.00pm - 3.00pm


Please note ... CERTIFICATE AWARDING TIMES & Week 10 - 

There is class as usual in week 10 for all students. Although the main art work has been completed, the last class of the Term is a chance to finish off anything that is needed, play games, make badges, have some snacks and take home your art work. 

Then 5-10 minutes before end of class Parents/Caregivers/Grandparents are welcome to come and join us for the certificate awarding process. The term is then concluded with a photo of each individual student with Jessie, proudly showing their painting. As well as a class photo.



The Adult exhibition is always on the Friday of the LAST week of term - the exhibition preview runs from 1.30-6.00pm then re-opens at 6.30pm until 8.00pm for our special exhibition evening for all the talented Adult students and their families/friends to attend, with Certificates being awarded at 7pm  

Term 2 2022

Friday 8th July - 1.30 - 6pm (Open to public to view art work)

                          - 6.30 - 8pm (students/family/friends... drinks,nibbles,certificates )