Northland artist Jessie Rose to open studio in Whangarei offering art classes for children

Northland artist Jessie Rose is opening a studio in Whangarei offering art classes for children. The self-taught artist and designer is opening the studio/teaching space in a leased shop in Kamo and plans to run courses beginning in the next school term (term 3 starts July 24). "Inspire" art school classes will run weekly and consistently through each school term.
Ms Rose said she is also looking into holiday programmes for young children. An adult class is also being put together.

Ms Rose said she decided to start Inspire after approaches from several parents. "After many parents asked me if I would teach their children art I finally have taken the plunge and created 'Inspire art with Jessie Rose'," she said.

"Classes for children, from ages 5 to 16, are all limited in numbers so as to ensure each child gets enough one-on-one time with me". Ms Rose said she is looking forward getting back to Kamo, and especially to having an input into the lives of Northland children.

"I feel as an artist I can guide children to discover their creative voice and to learn skills which help prepare today's youth to take on the world with passion and creativity. "I believe through art children can learn more about themselves and develop their creative thinking. "Confidence and individuality will grow and a strong sense of self will develop as they discover how to look at the world from different perspectives," she said.

At the end of each 10-week course the pieces created by students will be exhibited in the studio rooms and families will be invited for a "reveal evening".

Ms Rose said aside from her 10-week courses she is hoping to end up with a regular group that will stay on over the terms to grow and learn with her. She hopes to eventually be able to do things like holding an art auction with paintings by students and herself with proceeds going to KidsCan - a charity that gives practical support to New Zealand children living in real hardship.

"I see this also as a way to open children's eyes - a way to show what an impact their art can have on others. With such an opportunity to help others, I think the students will grow in self esteem and have a sense of pride to have made a difference in lives of children less fortunate than themselves. "My goal is to make an inspiring, safe space for children to create, learn and grow. I want to do my part as an artist to try and make a difference to Northland youth of today, through the beauty of art," Ms Rose said.

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