(parking etc) - New & Returning Students



Classes are held at the Jessie Rose Inspire Art Studio. 575 Kamo Rd, Kamo. Whangarei. (Paragraph 2. tells you more about parking, pick up/drop off etc).

Please keep your registration/purchase/booking information (you would have received this in an email when you enrolled online) handy as a reminder for the day, date and time class will be starting as this is often the only confirmation you may receive until day of class. 

You can also re check on the Website (although class may say Sold out or no availablity), for the Day/date/time of the class you have booked and also the link for Info/Terms & Conditions is available to be re read if necessary. :)

 1.Refund Policies & Procedures

Due to very limited class numbers - Please check, and check again that you have the correct class for the students age and the class time.

Please Note - As class numbers are so Limited there can be no refunds unless you cancel before the term starts. 

If for any reason the term does not get completed at your choice - full payment still must be made, as the space would have otherwise been taken by another student. 

If for any reason we go into a Lockdown, classes will be continued via zoom and materials supplied to work with from home 

We do realise some things happen that we have no control over and we do our best to accommodate where we can - So for any unique situations or requests that are that are outside the general guidelines, please get in touch at info@jessierose.co.nz before booking and we will respond to your request as soon as we can. Or please call to discuss with Angie (admin) 0211608076   


  1. Drop off and Pick ups - Safety and Security Policies & Procedures 
  • Inspire students are under supervision whilst in the classroom during Art Class sessions only. While we endeavor to provide a safe environment, Jessie cannot be responsible for students outside their allocated class time or outside the classroom.
  • Drop off/Pick up - Inspire can be accessed from the car park behind the library (Kamo Road entrance) or behind the dry cleaners (Three Mile Bush Road entrance) Jessie Rose has car parks 4,5 and 6 for your convenience. 
  • Entry to Inspire through the Jessie Rose shop when it is open is also an option. 
  • If parking in the car park please be aware of other business's etc as to not block anyone in, or park in their allocated car parks. After 5 this is usually not a problem, but please still be aware. 
  • Please make sure your child is accompanied to Inspire by a responsible adult and is picked up on time. 
  • Do not drop off or allow children to wait unsupervised as children need someone to supervise them before Jessie arrives and invites kids into the class - Jessie may be arriving from or departing Inspire between classes, as in the unlikely event of an emergency there may be no supervision during this time.
  • Please make sure a parent is there on time to collect their child when the classes finish as we need to close the studio doors to clean in between classes. 


  1. Public holidays

There are no classes held on public holidays. Where classes fall on public holidays, the class will then go to the Monday or the Friday of that week. 

  1. Clothing in Class 

Students can wear what they like to class, but Inspire is not responsible for any damage to the student's clothing.

When working with acrylic paints aprons are always available for the Students to use in class.

  1. Health, Safety, Injury & Medical Conditions Policies & Procedures


  • Please do not come to class if you you are feeling unwell or if your student is feeling unwell.

    • Inspire aims to provide a safe learning environment to reduce the risk of injury. Art classes generally carry very low risks of injury and Jessie actively promote safe art practice. Inspire is not liable for personal injury sustained or any lost, damaged or forgotten personal property, whilst on the premises.
    • It is the student's parents/guardians responsibility to notify their teacher in the event of injury/medical condition prior to class, as well as it is the student's parents/guardians responsibility to notify their teacher if the student has any special medical conditions that can affect their behaviour in class.
    • A first aid kit is available to any student, however we do not provide anyone with Panadol or equivalent or administer any other medications.
    1. Class Policies

    Class times - Students must be punctual to classes to ensure they receive the most out of their time in class, regular class attendance is also vital to the success of the student.

    Class sizes: To ensure students have a good amount of one on one time with Jessie, our classes are limited 10 students.

    If you/your child is away from a class, please be aware due to limited class numbers you will not be unable to come into another class to catch up.

    Disruptive students - During a students time at Inspire , Jessie maintains the right to dismiss any student who damages property or causes disruptions to any classes of a severe nature.  

    Please also be aware what your child consumes before class. This is simply to increase the ability of students to concentrate and to minimise the disruption in class due to the sugar effects on the behaviour of children.  

    Photography in the Classroom

    Photography of students in class is permitted only by Jessie - using her discretion, and Only of those who have consented to photos being take for Social Media etc.  (This is done during the enrolment process) Each week Jessie posts photograph updated of our time at Inspire HERE -  https://www.facebook.com/artwithjessierose/  We really recommend you follow this page to stay updated and to see some of your child's progress as the weeks go by.  It is also a good way to encourage students to be proud of their achievements and to show them how proud Inspire is to have such students.   Also by agreeing to social media photos, every now and then photos are uploaded to our website https://www.jessierose.co.nz/ or used for various forms of marketing- and from time to time photos may be published in Newspaper's or in a magazine write up. 


    1. Inspire end of term exhibition and certificate awarding important dates to remember.

      EXHIBITION DATES AND TIMES -  (students ages up to 19yrs) 

    At the end of every term we hold an exhibition over several days at Inspire - showcasing the fabulous achievements of every student. Students, parents/caregivers, siblings, grandparents etc are warmly invited to come and view the awesome artwork that has been created!

    The exhibition can be viewed on either of the days and for as long or as little (even 5 minutes of your time) as you like.

    The exhibition for the Inspire students (ages up to 19yrs) is held at the end of Week 9/ beginning of Week 10 on Sunday and Monday.  

    TERM 2 2024

    Sunday 30 June 3.30 - 7pm
    Monday 1st July 3.30 - 7pm

    TERM 3 2023

    Sunday 22nd September 3.30 - 7pm
    Monday 23rd September 3.30 - 7pm


    There is class as usual in week 10 for all students.  Although the main art work has been completed, the last class of the Term is a chance to finish off anything that is needed, play games, make badges, have some snacks and take home your art work. 

    Then 5-10 minutes before end of class Parents/Caregivers/Grandparents are welcome to come and join us for the certificate awarding process. The term is then concluded with a photo of each individual student with Jessie, proudly showing their painting. As well as a class photo.


    The Adult exhibition preview runs from 1pm - 3.30pm for the public to view, we then then re-open at 6.30pm until 8.30pm for our special exhibition evening for all Adult students and their families/friends to attend (limit to 4 guests per person due to space) with photos and certificates at 7 pm 

    TERM 2 2024  - Friday 5th July

    TERM 3 2024 - Friday 27th September

          8. Payments - A deposit is required at time of booking and full payment completed by week 8 of the Term you have enrolled in. Your invoice contains our available payment options. You are more than welcome to set up an automatic payment.

    Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us if we can be of more help.

    1. Complaints- Should there ever come a time that there is need for a complaint, this should be made in writing to info@jessierose.co.nz. You would be contacted to as soon as possible to verbally discuss the issue, and we at Inspire will make every effort to find a resolution.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read this - it is all information to make your child’s/your time at Inspire the best it can be 🖤

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