As a Sponsor, as well as doing something great for someone who will really benefit from your generosity, you also will get some great exposure for your business during the Term.  

  • Your business will get a special mention during the term on my social pages, Jessie rose and inspire. art with jessie rose FB/Instagram (total of over 15,000 page followers) 
  • I will advertise your business in my Jessie Rose Newsletter - sent out at least once in the Term to over 1000 subscribers.
  • Your logo goes on the back of our Inspire Brochures that we have printed off to give out each term.
  • Your logo gets displayed on an A3 Poster - This is displayed during the exhibitions and also remains in the shop during the Term you have sponsored.
  • You are also invited to attend the end of term Exhibition and see the art work your sponsored student has completed or I can send you a photo of it.
  • At the end of every term we hold 2 Exhibitions displaying the art done over the term -  My Youth Exhibition is held at the end of week 9, beginning of week 10 and My Adults classes are held on the last Friday of the Term.  Having over a 100 students per Term, we have at least 300 people come through to view the exhibitions (family, friends and members of the public) 

                                                                                                              A bit about 'inspire'
Every term I teach students from all walks of life, from privileged kids who excel at everything they do -  to kids who have been struggling at school, children with Autism, ADHD or experienced some sort of Trauma. Youth who have had to deal with bullying in school and many kids - especially teens with social phobias and anxiety problems. I have adults who come for time out and also for art therapy, along with just a place to be with like minded people. I set up inspire to be different - a safe place where people can come and be themselves where they can learn that it is OK to be unique and to learn to express themselves through art and the results from these classes have been just amazing.  
Through attending Inspire I have witnessed students grow in their self confidence as they learn its OK to be different. They begin to express themselves through their art work, and they begin to become more self assured and begin to have a direction and goals in life. I have heard stories from parents where my students used to be picked on and bullied at school, have come to inspire and started to feel so confident and better about themselves by finding their place through art - to the point they were no longer bullied at school. Teen girls who have anxiety and social phobias who have blossomed and grown in their confidence - some of them don't even seem like the same kid after a term. Kids who started shy and withdrawn.  No anxiety, and the social phobias starting to go, etc etc. 
There are many students who are in situations of poverty, in foster care, or living under the care of their grandparents or just everyday financial struggles. Every Term I personally sponsor a couple of students as I see the huge benefits of getting youth into Inspire. Unfortunately due to my own financial commitments I need a certain amount of students and am unable to offer up many free spaces. Also the classes tend to get booked out by paying customers therefore not leaving alot of room for me to have an unpaid space for a Sponsored student.  I have opened up the 'Sponsor a Student' so we can get more youth into Inspire who are not in a situation to attend the classes otherwise, so they can grow and develop their skills as well as their confidence and self worth, in a safe, creative and inspirational environment... 
Who is considered when we offer sponsorship to someone? 
- We may see the benefit of a student that has been attending Inspire and in a financial situation where they cannot pay for the next term
- Organisations approach us if they don't have the funding themselves to put a student forward that they feel would really benefit attending Inspire
- On our Inspire fees page we let people know that we are open to hearing from anyone that wants to put a student forward for sponsorship
- At times we will advertise we have had a sponsor come forward and to get in touch or nominate a student
- We occasionally use a sponsor donation to re pay back a current term student who may have at very short notice had financial difficulties/job loss etc
Other students in the class are unaware who the sponsored student is. We keep it all private and confidential as no student is singled out.

Inspire art classes are $325 per student per term
10 week school term. 1 1/2 hrs once a week, all materials supplied and an end of term exhibition. 
Thanks for taking the time to get this far down the page :) 
There are alot of people out there doing it tough- especially these days, and to be able to offer sponsorship has been really beneficial to many students over my 6 yrs at Inspire. I believe it is really important to involve our local community by offering this as a way businesses and individuals can help if they are in a position to do so. I personally sponsor students myself each term and feel like it's a great way to be able to give back. 
I also understand it's not easy out there for Business Owners, something to keep in mind If you are not in a position to sponsor the full amount, is that any amount is helpful as we can offer a decreased fee to a family for their student or we can also combine two sponsors to the one student.
Check out our amazing Present and Past Sponsors here
Sounds like something you are interested in? We would love to hear from you - contact us..
                                                                                                                      Jessie x