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Be Free Boy & Girl
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The Black Rose
Love Beauty Truth Freedom
Forever Love
The Bubbles
The Kraken
The Sailor

Hi, I'm Jessie Rose

I grew up drawing and creating things, it's in my blood to create and to want to make something beautiful out of nothing. I paint in oils, and also acrylics. However it wasn’t until 2008 when I really took it seriously and started to find my own style, having my first solo exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’ which was a great success. Since then I have gone on to have several exhibitions and launch a clothing line, jewellery, accessories, cards and calendars. After the death of a loved one in 2014, I now hand-paint caskets and urns for several funeral directors, giving families the option of feminine hand-painted caskets in 3 designs and a unisex casket design also. In 2017 I opened ‘Inspire’ from my premises in Kamo, Whangarei. Inspire is now a very popular art school for children and adults. I teach my students to develop their creative thinking self expression through art.