Whangarei artist paints Pink to raise funds for KidsCan

Northland artist Jessie Rose has painted a 2.4m high dimensional painting of the American singer Pink who is due in the country later this week.

The self-taught artist from Kamo had the creation of the painting, which took her around 20 minutes, filmed as part of a welcome "with a difference" that she put together for the singer. While the artist has signed her work she hopes Pink will also sign the piece, because it is intended to be auctioned on Trade Me as a campaign to raise funds for KidsCan NZ.

"It is no secret that Pink loves children and supports similar charities, and it is my dream to have her sign it... imagine what we could for KidsCan if she did?, Rose says. Last week the singer halted her Brisbane concert to comfort  a 14-year-old fan who had lost her mother only the month before.

Rose's technique is to paint the artwork in darkness using only a couple of lights to allow her to see.  She set up her work beside the Te Matau a Pohe Bridge - a well-known Whangarei landmark. Once completed she throw glitter onto the painting. 

It's not the first time Rose has painted a famous singer  - in 2016 she painted Adele which fetched almost $1000 for KidsCan.

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