The Bird - 'Gothic Black' Pendant


These Pendants feature original art by Jessie Rose, set on classic vintage pendant bases with a hint of victorian/gothic style,  with a crystal clear glass dome that protects and magnifies the art underneath.

Something to keep in mind - these pendants have proven quite the headache for our photographer.. it is 99.9% likely that you will actually be surprisingly stoked with your pendant, as in real life they are very nice looking unique pieces of jewellery.  

 *PLEASE NOTE the image in the jewellery has been printed off more of a purpley blue colour rather than the plum colour of the original painting.

Specs -

Pendant - Made of a nickel-free plated alloy

Black finish

Size of picture and glass dome set in frame - 30mm wide x 40mm deep

Comes with a black chain

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